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Hey, I'm Kromus

2008-02-23 15:13:23 by KromusKaption

Hey, im a new guy to Newgrounds, i've always loved watching things here and quite frankly i love comedy, thats what i mostly do/watch, although i love some of the movies on here that show off the users stunning graphic capability....

Anyway, Kromus, remember it.
...with a little luck and a few hand grenades, you'll be screaming it later ;)

Im going to try and upload some of my Flashs but until i see them fit to enterain i wont :)


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2008-02-26 03:22:54

Hey Kromus ,why don't you try leveling up.

(Updated ) KromusKaption responds:

I will- im active- im leveling at an ok pace but there ya go- the movies are as awesome as ever :).


2009-01-27 13:41:32

I think he left.

KromusKaption responds:

I'll never leave this community :) its the best flash community going its a gret place to be- i neglected my account im afraid im sorry for that too =(