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2009-06-06 08:34:02 by KromusKaption

Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.
woof? woof.

Hey guys, just, mumbling a load of crap as usual, haha. Exams suck, can't wait till there over. im sure you cant too!

World Of Whatcraft?

2009-05-10 19:39:13 by KromusKaption

Hey guys- Aswell as Sentry Turtle and a new RPG game under development, i've also got another project running in terms of Flash'ing. Want to know why?

My reason for this is because I love doing everything to do but doing several projects at a time keeps each project increase the change ill actaully finish. (The RPG game btw is going to be great, under development with Geohoundz55 and Smileinyoursleep).

So a new project is born, a parody for players and non-players of World Of Warcraft.

World Of Whatcraft?

Sentry Turtle

2009-05-04 13:31:45 by KromusKaption

Sentry turtle is well under-way - and so far i've gotten 25% through it. It looks good to me, and im concerntrating on the humour as much as possible- but what makes a good flash?

feel free to post what you think makes a good flash-- i think its content.

Sentry Turtle

2009-04-11 17:38:55 by KromusKaption

Currently working on my first Flash Movie; Sentry Turtle- and im hoping to satisfy all means of humour!

I've been practicing animation as its my weakness, and i think i've finally got my playful self-taughtness to help that- so will be keeping you updated!

Sentry Turtle will be a series of animations about Guardians in ways we unsee- will be a comedy- and i hope you enjoy it! :D

Keep looking, hopefully ill have it out for you soon!
Sentry Turtle incoming!

Hey, I'm Kromus

2008-02-23 15:13:23 by KromusKaption

Hey, im a new guy to Newgrounds, i've always loved watching things here and quite frankly i love comedy, thats what i mostly do/watch, although i love some of the movies on here that show off the users stunning graphic capability....

Anyway, Kromus, remember it.
...with a little luck and a few hand grenades, you'll be screaming it later ;)

Im going to try and upload some of my Flashs but until i see them fit to enterain i wont :)